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That wandering jew is gonna be great. Have you looked at it under LED illumination? That dusty gray patch pops off the leaf like silver glitter fingernail polish. I have it in my fish room under an LED and it's amazing, out in the front room under sunlight it's just kind of a nice gray variegation.

In my planted HOB (it's an Aquatop), I took out the filter media cart and left the "bio waffle", made a bag out of mesh and filled it with LECA (hydroton), put an airstone in the bottom. Instant flow-through DWC grow bed on the back of my tank. I think next time I might use HygroMite, I hear it has a better CEC, naturally kills mites, and has more colonizable surface area for bacteria than LECA. The airstone should help keep more terrestrial plants from root rot (so far so good), I'm going to get a larger one for my goldfish tank and try Chinese Evergreen in there.
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