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Lighting a Triangle, I'm stumped

Hello all I'm in a bit of a pickle here ill start with some pics so you all know we're I'm at
So front tank shot, as you can see I'm going to be planting the back corner of the tank but because of the shape regular fixtures won't do

And in this one you can see the filter and the two gaps that I have to work with

Ok so the tank is 20" high and comes with a stock led fixture of 6xwhite led and 2xblue I'm pretty sure there all 1w each and reside at the front of the tank so are pretty useless I feel. At the back under the plastic there is about a 2 inch gap so ill need something that sits above the tank but shines through the two holes

I'm not looking to go high light as I wont be having a "carpet" plant. I'd like to just have some swords, java furns, anubias, and some moss so low to medium should be fine

I was thinking a twin light fixture with a couple compact fluorescence bulbs one each angle to shine down the two holes, or going even deeper and doing a custom LED fixture(not much of a sparky though so I'm apprehensive) that I could make in a T shape and put in under so it would be about 1" from the surface and about 18" from the substraight so I wouldn't need many to get a nice PAR rating

So yeah my question, what would you do?
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