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CO2 sparks thread/string algae explosion

I recently installed a CO2 injection setup on my tank, and immediately (as in, within a day or two) had a massive explosion of thread or string algae. Aside from the algae, the plants are doing wonderfully! I've noticed growth spurts on everything in the tank.

I've done a little bit of reading, and people seem to blame these kinds of algae outbreaks on too much lighting. I'm coming from saltwater, where the issue is always insufficient lighting, so it's entirely possible. I had 4 24W T5s (from an old reef setup) on this 10gallon system, but I've gone down to 2 in the hopes that this will reduce the algae.

I'm fine lowering light levels to combat algae, but I want to make sure I'm not slowing my plant growth at the same time. Are there any tips on how to do that?
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