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If you could, mind telling me how big of a tank and the exact stock list? Either way, I've kept parrots and silver dollars for years, so I can give some advice.

First, with the ick, do the heat and salt method. Raise the temp slowly up to 85, and then add the appropriate amount of aquarium salt to the tank. The heat speeds up the life cycle of the ick, the salt kills it in its juvenile stage, along with the heat. Keep this up for at least 3 days until after the last spots of ick have gone.

Now, at the same time as this, I would also tell your friend to do as many water changes as he can. Clean water is essential for the cichlids to heal various ailments that they can often have. I've never had any success with any chemicals or anything, and the only meds I have ever used were for bacterial things. Warmer waters, a good amount of aquarium salt, and clean water will help everyone heal up and get back to speed in no time

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