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Originally Posted by bluestems View Post
I figured we crossed posts. I like the balance the tank has now. It's kinda hard to see what varieties the crypts that you have are, so it's probably not good for me to suggest planting them in the back when I really am unsure of how big they'll get. Did you keep the riccia?

I haven't ever scaped with java fern, so I'm of no help to you there!

On the CFL, try to find one that includes the spectrum on the label... you'll want one in the 6000K range. Often times the ones labeled 'plant grow' bulbs will be the correct spectrum and then you match the wattage to the amount of intensity you want. The 'daylight' bulbs don't always have the right spectrum. Here's one that I've used successfully.

Have fun at the fish store tomorrow!
im not quite sure on the variety either, but they seem to be on the thinner side, so atm i dont mind them being kind of in the front. most of my riccia has slowly disappeared and what little i have is sitting in my net ontop of the tank.

im leaning more towards another moss because im considering turing it into a shrimp tank as well. any thoughts on that? like a preferred moss or something?

and ii should have a cfl in that range lying around from a previous grow, thanks!

btw, heres a recent pic from this morning
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