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Originally Posted by Green_Flash View Post
Do you drip in the water? Or just fill it up like a regular water change.
I usually just fill the water in my shrimp tanks instead of dripping it. It would take too long and I would most likely ditch the shrimp hobby...

Originally Posted by Forumsnow View Post
Hey Hedge fellow ct resident here. Really liking this tank. I will be doing something similar to your setup but for CBS come early spring/summer. Those are some beautiful prl you have there, you will have to let me know when your colony is large enough again and you are looking to rid yourself of some haha.

I did almost the exact same setup for hanging my fixture over my 12 long supreme red/ oebt tank.
Looks great.

I actually changed my mind on this setup and will report with pics one of these days. A guy has been begging me to sell him some of my Ebiten PRL so I sold every single one except 1 female which I will breed with one of my new Crystal Whites. With that said, the tank in this thread is empty and it's just getting a ton of light, co2 and ferts. Plants and mosses are starting to take off now so I'm waiting for the tank to flourish before posting pics again. Not sure why I changed my mind but for some reason I got the "plant" bug again. I do have a primary shrimp tank already so there was no need for two.

Then again...I might change my mind sooner or later and drop some shrimp in there. Oh yeah...the plant tank gets the most attention from everyone that I bring to my apartment so it's not a bad thing.
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