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Thanks for your reply Blazing wolf

The Termite company will not allow an air pump.
I have shrink wrap from Home Depot and some of the special bags they give you for food, meds etc


as for filters, stick em outside with some slightly ammoniated water in a garbage can and leave them running.. keep temps around 40-50 degrees and bacteria will keep on chuggin[/QUOTE]

Ammoniated water .... Ummm can you say more so I might be able to understand the thought process.

If I do this I expect that I will clean each filter before hand with tank water. When I have all four filters clean can I use fresh water that has been declorinated.
Or must I use old tank water.

I cannot carry any weight as I recently popped a disc in my neck (C6-C7) But I probably can siphon water from second floor to rear yard.

What do you think.
I really appreciate your response

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