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"...since you are using a GFCI outlet/breaker (you are using one right?)"

No I'm not actually, you called me out. I did install them in my kitchen and bathroom and I did read several advisories to use one for aquariums but I just ignored it. I do use drip loops though. You did however inspire me to search for these things which are about the same cost as the hardwired versions so maybe I'll budget this in for all my aquariums:
But this thought is a total drag since I have 6 aquariums. Thanks a lot.

And OVT,
I think the timer you posted is something like what I will have to go with, WalMart also has some analog timers with the plug coming straight down from the bottom which I might go with but I was hoping to find digital ones with battery backup.

What would be ideal is one timer that controls 4-6 outlets independently. Why does this not seem to exist?

"My personal search still continues - I still cannot find anything that I like for < $200 "

Is that what you mean that you are looking for too? If so keep me posted on any promising leads.
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