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ACK!!!!!! termites

Looking for some advice as we are having the house tented for termites on Monday. We will not be able to return until Wed afternoon.

I looked around and found that people have had good luck shrink wrapping their tank once ALL EQUIPMENT is removed( filters,heaters, powerheads, CO2 etc.

I had eight tanks set up. I had to break down my vertical rack with four 40 gal tanks as the rack construction does not allow for a complete seal.
I'll sell these some time in the future.
That leaves me with a 75 gal, a 55, a 40 breeder and a 29 gal tank. All tanks have Eheim canister filters.

I do not know what's best as far as what to do once the filter is removed. Do I clean them after removal?
What if I just un hooked them and did not clean?
Pretty sure that would be a disaster.

Should I try to keep them all running in one trash can or is that a bad idea....

I need some Help - please

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