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Ok. You make some excellent points! One of my WCMMs is a real jerk. He is always "herding" my tetra and WCMM. It might have been that fish that pestered the shrimp. Though I've never seen him bother shrimp, I have seen his sneaky fish self rooting around in the java moss.

The decoration in the middle is hollow and filled with hornwort and the roots of my java fern so fish cannot get in there. When the shrimp arent in the java moss, they hide there. Also, there is more java moss than i show in my pics. There is a bit behind the driftwood on the right side of my tank. Maybe I can add some dwarf hairgrass in front of the driftwood on both side of my tank to make the those areas more shrimp safe?

I really need my plants to fill in more to create a better space in my tank. Hopefully the flourish comprehensive that I have started dosing will help with that.

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