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Originally Posted by AnotherHobby View Post
Wow, I just talked to your boss about a month ago on the phone. I live in Apple Valley and I was asking about the new location. He seemed a little frustrated and stressed out, and now I know why. My condolences to you.

If you want some free plant trimmings let me know. When I trim stuff I just throw it out. If you scroll through my journal you'll see what plants I have: 12 Gallon Reboot Learning Experience

I don't trim all my plants, but I do trim my rotola, cabomba, hydrocotyle tripartita japan, and have a ton of java moss in another tank. None of them require much light or CO2 either.
Ya, he was very stressed for about 5 months during the move. But a few weeks before he passed away he was very kind and clam. Wish I would've been able to get to know him more.

I'll have to keep those trimmings in mind as my plant selection is pretty 1 dimensional.

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