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Originally Posted by bluestems View Post
I like the new placement of the driftwood in the tank.

Here's an idea for replanting...

1. pick up two fuller green stem plants of the same variety (eg.camboba or rotala green varieties, basically anything that will fill in the background with a different, smaller texture than your swords)
2. one or two of the crypts (depending on how big they get, go with just one)
3. tie the anubas lower, so it will lie in the mid-ground
4. attach the riccia to three stones, arranged in the open mid-ground space
5. fill in with micro-swords across the foreground

Do you fertilize and what is your current lighting?

thanks for the awesome reply! i jsut posted update pics before i saw your post, let me know what you think of my updates.

Ill be taking all of your suggestions into consideration, as i plan on going to my local store tomorrow to see what i can find.

forgot to mentions i have an assortment of java ferns as well, and have had no luck tying down yet.
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