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Look what arrived today!

It's like opening a gift all over again. Thanks, Chyrol for putting together a great variety of plants!

I prepared the bowl to replant... the P. broadleaf and dwarf tiger lily found new homes in my nano & I raised the soil level to the top of the stones.

Here's the plant palette:

Lobelia cardinalis dwarf (I think this will be a favorite of mine)

Bacopa monnieri (blooms pretty white flowers)

Alternathera reineckii (in bloom )

Bacopa caroliniana (has a minty smell)

Staurogyne sp. 'Porto Velha' and Glosso (two plants I've wanted to try since beginning my nano)

As I began planting, it became more obvious that the Ozlot sword was just too big for the vase, and would shadow the other plantings too much. It came out... sometime I will learn to avoid buying in the moment.

Here's the bowl planted and in it's new home! It's growing emersed for the time being to let the plants get acclimated, especially the glosso.

Looking forward to semi-flooding it down the road and adding a pair of cherry shrimps.

my little eden
7g nano, a work in progress

cherry shrimp vase

3g semi-emersed bowl

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