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Question Would you could you be my fish guy?

For the last month or so I have been larking outside the forums reading – reading how to, what to do and everything in between. I am now in information melt down getting further confused the more I read.

I what I would like to do is a low tech low cost planted 10 gallon retirement home for my Betta. He is going on a year and half and I am hooked on the whole fish with your coffee.

I live in central Maine and the selection of local fish stores are few and far between. So please excuse me while I ramble… takes over an hour for a chat with the local fish guy.

I am planning on purchasing a 10 gallon 30 dollar get most of it walmart special. I had to convince myself that the $1 a gallon sale at petco would send me into the other room and needing a stand.

From what I have read I can switch out the hood lights for clf lights and should shoot for 1 to 2 watts per gallon?

I will have to pick up a heater as the “kit” doesn’t include one… The average walmart price is 15 to 20 dollars – I have looked on ebay and can get one from Hong Kong for like 8 bucks free shipping or state side for around 10. What would the best idea be for a heater?

Substrate really has me lost. I have seen dirt, clay, eco-complete, gravel, sand etc. I would like to stay away from having to add fertilizer to my tank but also think that putting something in the bottom of my tank that costs almost as much as the tank is kinda silly but we do what we must if we must… I would like to avoid having a redo later on when the tank becomes vacant, so something that would be shrimp friendly. What are my options?

Plants – there are so many!! I am looking for a tall back corner section with a carpeted front section with a bit of plain substrate showing through. My selection for said plants are even slimmer then the pet stores… I called each of the three stores within reasonable driving distance asking if they carried moss (any moss) – Petco was the only one… Could you please suggest plants that might work well? I was thinking java moss and java fern… are there any good online sellers for plants? What about ebay?

Thank you for any and all help…
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