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New member here posting up. I'm in Tri-Cities (Richland) and there's not much here. Aqua Tropics has some fish, but every time I go in there they never seem to have more than guppies and the occasional large fish. But the guys there are usually pretty helpful and listen to my ideas/questions. Petsmart on Canal actually has some good fish and some fairly knowledgeable people for a chain store. I see very few floaters when I go in. Now Petco in West Richland is another story. Seems like there are almost more deads than alive.

I find myself wishing I was back in Portland so I could shop at Caves and the Wet Spot Luckily the Wet Spot ships and I think I will be doing most of my purchases there.

I did stop in at Aquarium Solutions when I was in Spokane a couple months ago and Barbie was very nice and helpful. She has some beautiful tank there!
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