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Hatchetfish ID Question...

So, I've noticed that both my LFS's and the major chains can't seem to get this right at all. Its easy to tell the difference between Marble Hatchets and rest of the Carnegiellas, however does anyone have a way to tell the difference between the Gasteropelecus levis (silver hatchetfish) and Gasteropelecus stennicla (river hatchetfish) besides size? Most stores incorrectly label both as "Silver Hatchetfish." I even noticed yesterday at Petsmart (I was buying cat littler not fish) they had the Thoracocharax stellatus (spotfin hatchetfish) labeled as "Silver Hatchetfish".

I want the levis for their smaller max size (1.4") and I don't want to end up with just small stennicla's that will grow bigger (2.5").

I trust my main LFS here, especially the dude I deal with, but I want to be sure. Thanks for any advice you may have!

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