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I have the same tank. Love it!

I had mine set up with a betta at first. Then, I put the betta in a temporary tank and was using for a QT tank while my larger tank was cycling. I had 6 pygmy cory, 6 cherry barbs, 2 male Endler's in it. They did fine in there for a month. Wouldn't want them in there forever, but for a little bit it was ok.

I found that with the plants and the two pieces of driftwood, there was not much room for the fish. So, I put the larger pieces in the cycling tank and put a small piece in. Worked out better. The two larger pieces took up a lot of the volume, and "floor space" of the tank that the fish needed.

Now, all those fish are in my larger tank, and the betta is back in the Fluval.

One thing I did notice with mine when I had the larger pieces in there was that I preferred the look of the upright piece not being in the center. Before I retired, I worked as a graphic artist and photographer, and I was taught not to put your main subject in the center - try dividing the tank in thirds, and put your upright piece where the line of one of the thirds is.

Of course, this is just my preference.

I'd plan on trying to put your plants more in the center if you go with the stock light. The plants I had along each end were really leaning in to get the light. I am looking to upgrade my lighting.
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