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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Some questions...

First - what kind of test kit are you using? Strip? Liquid?

If it's liquid, be sure you're shaking those bottles vigorously for as long as one minute before using. Sometimes the API nitrate kit can be difficult to read and very tricky to use if not shaken well.

What kind of algae do you have?


Brand of lighting? Reflectors? How many inches from the substrate?
I'm using the API test kit. I am following the directions and am making sure to shake for the prescribed amount of time.

The algae is the kind that sticks to the walls... It isn't the hairy kind. Sorry, I'm not very good with types of algae.

For filtration, I have an HOB filter that says it's for a 40-60g tank. I also have a homemade sponge filter in the tank. The sponge filter is being run off of a bubbler that also says it is for this size of tank.

For lighting, I purchased a 1x54W kit and made an enclosure for it. The light sits on top of the tank, and is approximately 18" from the substrate.
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