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Originally Posted by furnfins View Post
Ruben is an awsome guy and certainly knows what he's talking about. I bought my super red BN's from him. What a beautiful set up and the most pristine tanks I've ever seen!
Ruben you recognized me at the GNYAS, we were there to hear Rachel talk and pick up from her. This is a very nice forum and welcome.
By the way my super reds bred not long ago!
Thank you for the kind words Bonnie. Congrats, good to hear your super reds bred for you, soon you will have a swarm of reds in your tanks. Hopefully will see you at future GCAS meetings.

Matt if you look for these in a LFS makes sure you ask the owner if they can get them in.
This is not a common pleco and rarely ever seen in LFS. If you venture into NJ try and visit Kazimirs in Hackensack. Ask for Bob and see if they are showing up on his fish list. I have dealt with him in the past and he has had them on his fish list before, but would only bring them in to the store if preordered. Now keep in mind that lots of plecos are misidentified from the importers and what shows up on the fish list as Ancistrus dolichopterus may not be the L183. Also the intense white you see in the pics is what the fish look like as juvies, if you see adults in a LFS they may not have the intense white on the seams and the spotting. Newly imported adults will look rather drab.

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