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Originally Posted by adamar View Post
Which one of these Canister Filters do you you all think is the better one and Why cause I cant figure it out..

1.Marineland Multi-Stage C-220
2.Marineland Magnum 350 pro
3.Fluval 06 Series ( 306 )
4.Eheim Classic 2215
5. Reaction 4 Stage ( EFU-25 )
I suppose it depends on your budget & tank size. remember it is better to over filter than under filter and the eheim 2217 has more gph than the 2215. I have a 2215 on a 29 gal & its not really enough flow, so I upgraded that one to the 2217. If you find the flow to be to much it is not a problem because you can easily crank it down. Now have the 2215 as a spare since I do have a number of tanks. I know from personal experience that the Eheim classics are just that classic. I have had some in service everyday for more than 20 years. So there you have it my 2 cents :-)

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