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Originally Posted by Jim_PA View Post
Nope, she wanted it all back up and cleaned up before the company, which I did not do, so she made me get rid of it. So no more big tanks for me.

I can have small one or 2 in the laundry room, but that it.

Not sure if it really worth it since I won't be able to enjoy it unless I sit in the laundry room.
so you've got a 125 for sale then huh?

and no, it aint worth it if you cant enjoy it. I had a 55 and 20 in the basement I couldnt enjoy because the basement sucked and they both ended up algae ridden and over grown. had the 20 in the office, which i barely use... so it ends up over grown there as well. have a 12g reef in the living room that is the nicest of my tanks because its right there.

redoing the basement, told her i'm getting a big tank for down there... looking for a 125. the basement will be the center of our household pretty much, so it'll get a lot of lovin'
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