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Originally Posted by -Az- View Post
the app looks useful. cheers mate.
unfortunately i can't drop the LEDs onto the strip using my I-pad.
this means I'll have to venture upstairs to the civilised part of the house
i'm worried that it doesn't give a kelvin rating after adding blues.
while not being a factor in plant growth directly, kelvins is an important factor to penetration.
6500k at the surface means far less at the substrate.
for mid and cover plants apparently 8000k-10000k is needed.
most data out there is for a 24 in tank. all I can find is that if you have a deeper tank have more kelvins.
reefers need 14000k+ due to the fact that they need to replicate light conditions that are natural at many meters deep for coral growth.
It certainly does give you a Kelvin rating and more. The K temp would be somewhere between 5500-5900 K
Your a bit mistaken on the blue part for planted tanks. Blue light does penetrate the most but planted tanks need full spectrum all the way to the substrate.

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