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For all the stress this adventure has caused you, I would suggest a nano. I 'd also suggest you set it up somewhere you can actually enjoy it. If you have a desk were your PC is or you might sit at to use a laptop that would be the place.

Before you do anything else hobby related I suggest you both have an honest talk about this topic. Sending you off to the laundry room is not a compromise to having a 125gl display tank in the living room. I understand a 125 display tank may not be her idea of how to decorate the living room. If so, that's a valid point.

Asking a spouse to give up a hobby they enjoy is a control issue that never ends up good. Couples don't need to have 100% the same interests in life to be successful. But, it is import to try to understand each other's interests and be supportive.

I'm no marriage consular by any stretch of the imagination but, we made it together 32 yrs. and we have friends that have been in 2-3 marriages in that time. I attribute both results to willingness or lack of compromise.

Best of luck.

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