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Originally Posted by cobra View Post
This is the light fixture that I will likely get for my 90-H. If the tech aspects are indeed an after thought with regards to planted tanks it may prove to be an interesting twist of irony. I have read many posts where reefers are actually going back to MH light systems from LED systems. Maybe current LED technology is better suited to planted tanks?
Im plannig to have my light fixture hung from ceiling (getting there soon :p so lazy, hopefully by the weekend.)

For led technology... I dont really know but im loving this kit lol. Weekly
Trimming and my colors pop. Ill be making a journal soon enough to show growth etc .

Oh, and my lighting schedual is as follows,

1). 7:30am - 2pm ~ 0 - 2%
2). 2pm - 3:30pm ~ 2 -50%
3). 3:30pm - 6pm ~ 50 - 100%
4). 6pm - 10pm ~ 100% - 100%
5). 10pm - 11pm ~ 100% - 1%
6). 11pm - 730am ~ 1% - 0

I actually do have it at 100% for 4 hours
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