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Originally Posted by accordztech View Post
Great! How did it go?

If you can really try and get a hold of TOm, you will be spending some cash lol.

First checked out 6th Avenue Aquarium.

Didn't dig how they kept the shrimp in "Critter Keepers" with no circulation or whatsoever , just a piece of anacharis for them to hang on. Lots of dead guys hanging out in there. Also, they labeled these shrimp as Orange Bees. But taking a closer look, they definitely looked like tangerine tigers. At 5.99 each or two for 9.99 it was tempting. But the condition/setup they were in made me pull away from them.
Other then that, the shop resembles an Asian Chinamarket feel , having to catch your own fish.
Cool experience though!

As for AFA. Spent about 2 hours in there while the Gf shopped around! Nice to select my Ohko stone pieces! Especially the smaller pieces!
It's like a candy shop lol.

I ended up picking up some lamp eye killis since I have trouble finding them locally. 6 @ $3.49 each normal $3.99 but got them to give me a little discount!
Fun store with lots of planted tank selection!

Heart was beating thinking about picking up my first ADA tank, but gf pulled me away :p

So much fun though!

I leave this Saturday Morning. And I'm worried about these guys :p I asked for an extra bag of water so they can hang in a bucket for the time being >____<"
(Crossing my fingers) hope they'll be fine.

And picking up my tiger shrimp tmr.

Where do I contact Tom?? Lol

An thanks really for everything!

My trip wouldn't have been worth the while if it wasn't for your guys help!

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