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Originally Posted by -Az- View Post
hi all

great forum. I think i've interpreted everything right so
this post is more for clarification before purchase then anything.

i'm a freshy with planted tanks and native australian fish, I've decided to start updating my fluros to LEDs.
my trial tank is 1200x450x700 (47x17x27) - 378L (108g)

here is what I'm planning;

heatsink- makers 36in - great product, well done
LEDs- Cree 14x 3up(2rb/1nw) 40 deg optics
Cree 8x 3up(3cw) 40 deg optics
exotic 3x hv 60 deg optics
exotic 3x dr 60 deg optics
? 3x cb 120 deg optics
power supply - 12v 6a - I'll source local so I don't need an adaptor
- query - as long as I cover the required current with
1a buffer. I don't need to worry about VAC
drivers- inventronics 1x 25w/700ma
inventronics 1x 40w/450ma
inventronics 5x 40w/700ma
controller - dim4 sunrise/sunset - query- is there a limit to the number of
drivers I can connect per channel
relays - 2x relays & sockets to run fans

now for the led setup

ch1- 2x (40w/700ma---4x 3up(2rb/1nw))
ch2- 40w/450ma---3x hv, 3x dr, 2x 3 up(2rb/1nw)
ch3- 3x (40w/700ma--- 4x 3up(3cw)
ch4- 25w/700ma---2x cb

i've chosen the channels to give me control over whites, blue/whites, colours &
moonlights separately.
from my calculations this should be much more than needed for plant growth, but I'd rather have more and be able to dim ( & leave the opportunity open to become a reefy with the addition of a few LEDs and some salt)

please let me know if I've done anything stupid
I'd appreciate any comments or thoughts
Hi Az

your numbers are good enough to keep a reef tank!

heatsink length is fine
The colors you have chosen are going to grow plants but they will be heavily on the blue/cool side which I dont see often in planted tanks.

for the drivers, i would split the colors of the 3UPs on different drivers so you can control the overall color of the tank
So if you have 14 of the 3ups with 2rb and 1nw it would be something like:
14 royal blue on 40w 700mA driver
14 royal blue on 40w 700mA driver
14 Neutral White on 40w 700mA driver

That way you still have the 3ups and you can dial in the color since they are on different drivers.
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