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Originally Posted by mitch p View Post
Are there any plants that you are looking into by chance?
I think I'm going with lots of light. I think. I have a low light, lo-tech 30 now with the usual suspects (java fern, windelov, lace fern, anubias nano, crypt Tropica, hygro polysperma and a bacopa that doesn't get enough light) and for the new one, I wanted to go bigger.

I'm a big fan of limnophila aromatica and pogostemon helferi "Downoi". I may start with those and build out from there. I also really do like the two I mentioned earlier: Hygro pinnatifida and Crypt Pahang mutated.

But if I decide to go with discus as the fauna, then I'm probably back to low light.

I have lots of decisions to make.
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