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Originally Posted by jbrady33 View Post
Finnex led lights - I swear buy them. Already made, no wiring or soldering. Tiny profile, big light.

Are you injecting Co2? if not get a FugeRay, 30" is under $80. PAR values are better than standard 2 tube fixture. Proof is in the plants right? Check out the 36 gallon in my signature, that is a 30" Fugeray, no co2 (just excel). The 3 gallon has a 12" fugeray

Going with Co2? The 30" Finned Ray2 high-power comes out this month.
I'm not currently injecting co2 so I think I might go with the Fugeray, and your right, proof is in the plants

On a side note I'll get depth tomorrow If that's important, I've got a really weird 40 in the fact that it is tall, it's 30 in long and is wide

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