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You might actually have too much blue light in that tank XD. What overall color temp are you looking for? I know color temp doesn't really matter for plant growth, but it does matter for our own aesthetics =]

From personal experience I've seen 5 cw to 1 blue ratios work out very well. The website also uses this ratio for their showtank lights (though I've never actually purchased their lights before). You might want to buy some extra LEDs and experiment with the color mix when you hvae them on hand.

If you buy LEDs from china via ebay you can get 10/50/100 pack sets of LEDs for real cheap. Not as high quality as CREEs but totally worth the value IMO if you make your fixture flexible. My brother uses them extensively and has no complaints. I've read though that cheaper LEDs have issues with their color temps deterioriating over time whereas the CREEs have a guarantee that their light intensity and color temp will remain at a certain % of specifications after a period of time. The LEDs online are 1/8 of the cost ($0.80 vs $4.00) so I can't really complain (though you have to wait 2 to 4 weeks for them sometimes).
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