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I need a 30" light fixture for a 20" deep 36 gallon tank

Hello forum-

I've had my 36 gallon bow front tank for about a year and I really want to get some plants growing in it. I've been searching this forum and a few other places looking for a suitable fixture (preferably LED but any suggestions accepted) to provide medium light to my tank. So far I've found nothing that seems to fit. Here are some facts about what I'm dealing with and what I'm looking for:
  • Top of the tank is 30" wide
  • About 19 -20" from top of tank to substrate
  • Want to cover the bottom with enough light to promote most plant growth
  • Would like to spend < $300, preferably ~$200
  • Have a pressurized CO2 system that I plan to run when the lights are on
  • Currently have 12 smallish fish that have been happy in the tank for about a year
  • Currently have a few plants (anubias, amazon sword, argentine sword, etc.) but they are growing very slowly and some are dropping leaves.

My main problem is that every fixture I can find is either 24" or 36" wide. Any suggestions are welcome.
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