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Taari - is that what the food is actually labeled? my favorite lps carries repashy. I wonder if i could feed the mixture before it turns to gel? or would going that cause it to harm the little guys insides?
Cause i dont have real long tweezers, and the ones i have are really pointed at the end, and i dont want to use them cause im scared that theyll stab themselves! They flee from my hand, and i have a very planted tank, so its really hard to follow them. Thats why i use the pipette, cause its stem is really long, and can get into the stems and stalks where my and would tear up the scape.

Cavedweller- i do have to get a pre that i have nano fish, i really need it! Right now, i took a floating water sprite with big roots, and let the intake suck that to it. The flow lessened a bit, but until i get a prefilter, it works. lol

How fast do these guys grow? I had ACF before, labeled as ADF, but the two i bought never grew. They were both females, and stayed 2 inches long for the next two years, when i rehomed them. is size a good indicator for age? I know with some fish species, temperature, feeding, and tank conditions has alot to do with how fast they grow rather than how old they are. Im not sure if ADF are the same way.

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