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Well guys after a few months of waiting, I have finally completed the setup! Here are some pictures of the setup

Had to first start out by cleaning out the tank! Switching from Mbuna to Plants is quite the amount of work! After a good shop vac use we have this!

Next I wiped down the glass and cleaned it up pretty well

Next came adding the Penac W and Penac P. I was very gracious with these! Doing a little research showed that some people ( in larger tanks ) use entire bottles of the stuff! And also add the stuff to their filters! But I chose to use about 1/4 of each bottle and just spread evenly as I could!!!

Next comes adding the Powersand Special S Medium, TOURMALINE BC, CLEAR SUPER and BACTER 100. Now I know that the PS has these in it but with a little research I found that people still added more! So thats what I went for!

Next came adding the Aqua Soil and getting a nice scape down that I liked. After some serious time spent on this, I decided to go for a setup that wasnt overcrowded with rocks. By doing so I feel like I got a little more elegant right side with more swimming space!

Of course after that came filter placement and other equipment placement ( Co2 and Lighting).

For the 2 Eheims I ordered extra Coarse Pads. And added seeded media from the previously attached filters on the mbuna tank. This should help with the cycle time of the Aqua Soil. So my media basket in both Eheims looks like this ( from bottom to top):

[Coarse Pad||Ceramic Bio Media|| Coarse Pad || Eheim Polishing Ceramic Beads || Coarse Pad|| Eheim Polishing Pad ||Bag of Purigen]

So after that of course came planting! Here is what my 15g looked like from the top down ( so you can see why I needed to upgrade ). You can see that I had some pretty good growth in there!

So after all that work and replanting the plants I wanted, here is the final product! More to come soon!!!!!

I will post another picture tomorrow after my 50% water change so its a bit clearer!

Please feel free to comment!!!!

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