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Originally Posted by MrBrongher View Post
Well, well, another Bronxite. Nice. We should compare notes.

I was aware that these fish were on the particular side, but my tap water is on the soft side, so I wasn't too concerned; I have peat and almond leaves.

The parasite thing is a little more alarming. If possible I'll buy some post-quarantine and deworming wild caught or captive bred fish. If that isn't possible (and I haven't seen anyone selling captive bred ones presently) do you know the course of treatment? I know that Levamisole is used with some success by loach enthusiasts, is that the preferred treatment? I'm gonna start looking into it myself now (thanks for the heads up on that) but if you happen to know already that'd be a start.

And... welcome to the forum. I rather like it here.

You are right Matt, we are blessed with very soft water here in the Bronx and it is just perfect for most plecos. W/c plecos are one fish that most of the time have to be treated for internal parasites. All w/c plecos i have acquired i have treated here during quarantine regardless if the importer already treated them. I use metro and praziquantel for internal parasites. I dont treat for anything external unless i see something that needs treatment. Metro and Prazi are very mild yet effective meds. At times they wont do the trick and then you might have to use levamisole or flubendazole. Some people use a shotgun method and use all meds at once when treating imported plecos, but this may be a bit harsh on weaker fish. The meds each treat different types of internal parasites and using a shotgun method takes care of all parasites at once.

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