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Originally Posted by nvladik View Post
Hi Tom, would you say it's safe for a colony of reds with berried females ready to pop?
You might lose a few, but unless you lay it on, you will not eradicate them, they are nearly immortal. CO2(lots) likely is a better method to kill shrimp off.

I suppose you could also spot dose moss and other hard to kill green hair algae, or take a bunch of plants, and dip then rinse, then return etc.

Busan 77 is the herbicide in algaefix:

I suppose you could use the several hammer approach, use this, plus H2O2, plus Excel.

They all have different modes of action.

But without addressing the root issue, mostly CO2 and decent O2, good general care, catching things asap........your labor tends to be wasted.

If you catch various algae right away, then these treatments are MUCH more effective, and the algae is less of an issue. I tried this and found I needed 1/2 or less the concentrations for similar efficacy for all 3 algae killers.

You can test this in a non CO2 holding tank, and add culls for toxicity for shrimp.

Pretty easy to evaluate. I'm leary telling folks this stuff, but always mention the root cause is far far more imperative. If you do test algae, you need to know how to induce it, and also, get rid of it, so you can start again and test it more than once.

Few bother doing that. But if you keep having it come back again and again, well, you can at least test again a few times. Best to focus on the plants, then come back this stuff once the new algae growth stops, so you get something for all your labor.

Tom Barr
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