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Should I even be dosing water column ferts for this tank?

Here is my tank. Aqueon evolve 8 (actually 6.5 gallons) 2.5 - 3 (in the back) substrate (eco complete with root tabs and seachem tabs), pieces of driftwood with several anubias nana petite and one anubias nana, a grouping of java fern. Then I have about 30 or more pygmy chain sword (which currently looks like crud, very tall because of the old lighting)

I upgraded the lighting to the fugeray 12" fixture which should be doing 35-40 par at the substrate possibly more or less

I do excel everyday and flourish once a week

I do 50% water change every week.

The tank is a bit well stocked. with 6 very small neon blue rasboras, a group of 4 pygmy cories, 1 small honey gourami, 1 zebra otto.

I feed daily. I run carbon, have lots of bio media (aquaclear sponges, ceramic rings).

I want to get better growth out of my pygmy chain sword.

I am starting to see a bit of algae (not hideous).
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