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I just got back from my LFS - I was hoping they had some gravel or media they could give me to jump start the cycling. Instead, he told me to get one fish, like a red borras, and keep it for a month. He told me that I should not cycle by adding ammonia.

I'm a bit confused at this point. Any advice?

Also, I'm still wondering about my final fish stocking. I like 5 Endler Livebearers, 3-4 shrimp and maybe 1 other fish but I'm not sure what that other one should be. Would one red borras be ok? He seemed to think so but I know you can get bad advice anywhere and I'm honestly a bit suspicious.

Another idea is 2 Sparkling Gouarmi, 5 Galaxy Rasbora or 5 Borraras Brigattae and 3-4 shrimp. And could I start with 1 Gourami?

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