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If you don't live too far it's worth it. There is a large tank of plants, swords,mosses,and quite a few others but not too many rare ones. There was a beautiful red plant, sorry forgot the name and the tank was clean. I am posting 2 more stores both owned by the same person. He said his 8th Ave. store has loads of plants and he's willing to order what you want. You could go to both if you have a car.

Tamco Aquarium and Supply Inc. 6310 Bay Parkway,Brooklyn 718-232-2885(you can walk from King's to this one, maybe 10 minute walk) Tamco had lots of nice cichlids,different tropheous, yellow kribs, some of the largest sword and lyretail swords I've ever seen. Black khuli loaches for 1.99, lots more. Good amount of supplies for planted tanks, supplements,frozen food and more. Saw some very nice cherry barbs and others in the tank sorry can't remember their names right now. No ADA but they had substrate by Caribsea for planted tanks and another brand too. Plenty of saltwater substrate and supplies. Not too many plants here but he said his other store Honey Florist-4804 8th Ave. 718-871-4879 has alot of plants and if there's a group he's willing to order whatever you want. Perhaps someone here knows this store and can add some info, didn't have time to go over there.
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