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Looking for a 2-sided tank suggestion

I'm looking to create my first planted tank - I haven't had any tanks in a couple of years, but my oldest is now 5 and wants fish. I have a location picked out in the house, on a bar top between the kitchen and dining areas.

I'm looking to get a small-ish tank that is designed to be viewed from both sides. I really like the Fluval V, but it's a little small. I realize this is the nano tank area, but I'm not looking for anything bigger than 10 gallons, so I'm hoping you guys have some suggestions!

From the living/dining area, there is a very clear view of the tank. From the kitchen, you are directly facing the tank at a little lower than eye level when standing at the sink, so I'm really looking for something that looks good from the kitchen side, so we're not staring at a filter hanging off the back of the tank or something like that.
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