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Mr Aqua 90-P [New fts 4/24]

So after having 3 tanks all under 20 gallons, i got tired pretty fast of doing all the water changes and maintenance on all of them, mostly because 2 of my tanks were upstairs, which meant i was carrying r/o water back and forth, and it turned into a huge pain! So i decided on my Christmas break that i would combine everything into one fairly large tank. So after some looking around, i decided the mr aqua 90-p (48 gallon) would be perfect. So enough blabbing, onto the pics of the "build."

These were the two tanks i tore down, my 3rd, the shrimp tank, will be torn down once i get the new tank cycled enough to add the shrimp safely.

On to the new tank
Build the new stand before xmas

scaping the tank

planting and filling, i wish i had more u.g, but for the time being i stuck some hc in the front corner spots until the u.g grows out enough to propogate some more.

And here it is after i finished planting it.

Its been a week since i set this up. been doing a lot of water changes and fine tuning. Finally got my overflow to stop sounding like a toilet and c02 is pretty dialed in, though im slowly increasing it day by day to see what my few fish can tolerate. Heres a description of the equipment.

Tank: Mr aqua 48 Gallon
Lighting: 36" Ray II (Might eventually use 2 of these)
C02: aquatek regulator, reactor
Filtration: Eshopps nano overflow, Cpr Wet/dry sump. Eheim 2232 (only has bio media, no mechanical filtration) pusing the c02 reactor.

Plants - carpet is U.G
Left side, elytine tiandra,tropica 049, blyxa in the back, some random stem plant that im looking to replace
Right side, Erios Perkeri, downi, blyxa,tropica 049, and still looking for a stem plant in the back right corner

branches have flame moss, im gonna see how well this grows, because the light is so high where the moss is, im afraid it might not do that great, if it doesnt, i will put fissidens in its place,

creatures - red rili/tiger shrimp will eventually be added
Not sure yet on fish

Thats about it, ill have to snap an equipment shot to post up, and continued shots of new growth. The doors on the cabinet are stained now, i hadnt done them yet in the pictures to make sure they didnt need any more sanding or adjusting once the tank was filled and everything settled. I also have a set of stainless steel outflow pipes on the way, one for each side so that should contrast well with the ray 2 on top of the tank.

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