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The list of stores are as follows:

Wet Pets - place smells like urine, and tanks aren't well maintained. But you can get a couple fish that other places don't carry ex: discus, big plecos. Has one tank that has amazon sword, banana plant, anubis.

Bills Pet Shop - Store is very outdated and not well maintained. Owners are nice elderly couple, but just don't get enough business for update store it seems. Pretty sure they don't have any plants.

Petsmart - typical petsmart... tanks are somewhat maintained, you'll see some floaters. Staff - they are somewhat knowledgeable on the fish they sell but not about any plants. Plants - marimo ball, mondo grass (not truly aquatic) and plants in the tubes, but most aren't in good shape. I'm sure you could rescue them and they would thrive under right conditions of tank.

Pet Supermarket - The best store in the area to get plants from, has the most variety and best looking. Mainly stem plants like swords, wenditi, and others. Staff - not very knowledgeable though

When I first moved down here and started my tank off, I made purchases from Wetpets - Otocinclus, Petsmart - neon tetras, Pet Supermarket - ghost shrimp, amazon sword

I was so disappointed in all the stores honestly, and wanted more than what is offered in this area, so I purchased otocinclus cocama, red cherry shrimp, and java moss from Msjinkzd. She has thread under the sponsors site here. I highly recommend her, she has great selection at great prices. She is very knowledgeable and made the experience enjoyable and truly simple.
To get more plants, I have made purchases and won RAOK's, which have given me all different types of plants to fill my tanks and made them beautiful.

Just my two cents, if you need anything feel free to PM me.

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