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Plant ideas for a bowl

I read through a lot of the sticky in the low tech plant thread, but it seems like the list has changed to a low light high tech list.
I am thinking about setting up a small tank or planted bowl for my girlfriend's fourth grade class room. Walstad style setup. I will probably do a dry start for a couple of weeks, then flood it and do DIY CO2 and wean the plants off CO2 to prevent everything from melting.

What I am looking for is some help figuring out plants that will do good in a small environment with little to no fertilization and indirect sunlight. I am not looking to see much growth, I actually want to minimize growth. The maintenance needs to be kept minimal. She likes the idea and likes having something the kids can focus on when they start getting wound up and frustrated. It will probably have cherry shrimp and a couple of male Endlers or Lesser Killies, depending on the size of the container and density of planting.
She spends 12-14 hours a day as it is at school and I can't make it in to do maintenance on the tank/bowl. So growth (once flooded) needs to be kept to a minimum. I probably want to avoid floaters and mosses.

Any suggestions?

Low carpet, sparse is okay, maybe even desired.
Maybe some bushy grass looking stuff near a rock or driftwood outcropping
Something taller to add depth in the back.
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