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Originally Posted by Smitty06 View Post
If you only want to stay in sac, go to JOJO's for planted tanks, but if you are looking for larger peice of driftwood then I would go to Exotic Aquarium, and you can try aquaworkz just for soe fun.
THANKS so much for the suggestions!

I went into Exotic Aquarium, and made friends easily with the staff. I found a SICK deal on tiger shrimps. 2.99 each. I put them all on hold
Im leaving on saturday, but have to pick them up on Friday. I seen a couple in there with the Orange Eyes.

Also, with JoJo's. Really nice store! Only thing that caught my attention was the Hygrophillia "Sunset" and this other stem looking plant that people use for foreground plant(?). Only tough thing is that the staff said its going 3 stems for 6 dollars. and he said he'll give me a good portions of 2-3 inch.. kinda a tough bargen for the size?

Also, heard that Hygro Sunset is illegal to sell to many states. worth keeping?

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