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i have a nano 8x8x8 (12" is perfect for the light) but not marine... betta .. the blue's make him show off his dragon scales perfect... not to mention buddha and the glass rocks 'glow' with the blues.

without blues

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

with my finex fugeray held with blue lights directly over buddha - it get's glowy (the effect wanted in this case)

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

my betta without blue lights on

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

with blue lights on

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

BETTA and blue lights = wow...

(my red one looks better too.. but as he's not feeling a 100% i didn't want to upset him with the camera too much and he NEVER stands still)

i WISH i had a nano marine

1 6 gallon
1 2 gallon 8" cube
1 10 gallon endlers tank
1 betta

Here they are

6 gallon journal

you can see more photos here the 4 8" cubes are on flicker... will get to their journal at some point (they are fun as they change often)

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