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Originally Posted by houseofcards View Post
I don't disagree that if you have BBA highlight can make it worse/harder to control, but co2 isn't always the problem. There are plenty of folks here that run co2 until there fish are gassed and they still have BBA. I've seen BBA grow in all tank lit conditions. I've seen BBA growing in an indoor koi pond with no direct light. How 'bout all those dim-lit LFS tanks.
You have valid points but I'm only going to talk about from my personal experience as you know every tank is different.

I have done both low tech and high tech planted tanks. I have always found flow is understated in planted tank. Of course, routine maintenance is always must.

I have a few BBA outbreaks, but they occurred when:

1: I'm lazy of keeping up my maintenance so all the plants are overgrown, therefore, inhibiting the flow in the tank.

2. Stop fertilizing because I'm busy with other stuff or laziness.

3. Ran out of co2 and stop fert. This cause a massive algae outbreak in a high tech tank. Almost every algae you can think of.

My remedies were always the same... keep up routine maintenance, trim plants or increase flow (not necessary increasing filtration), and spot treat the algae.

IME, to sustain a good almost algae free low tech or high tech tank is good flow. By maintaining good flow, the tank will get good distribution of nutrients or c02 which keep algae from to adhere and grow on your plants, glass, or equipment. And all the plants in the tank get equal nutrients.

I've read in your posts that you've keep a tank successful with less than 1 turnover. I think that is awesome if you can do that. But from my experience, I could never do that. Maybe you should a write up on it.
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