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Algae ID: Staghorn?

I have a 40B that has been set up since early November.

4x39W T5 6500K
Pressurized Co2
Cerges Reactor
Eheim 2217
Koralia 240
Miracle Grow Organic PS capped with Flourite

I am EI dosing using dry ferts, using basic layout that is in the fert FAQ

I have a fair amount of plants, but I just got rid of 3 large swords that were just getting huge and I realized they werent the plants for me. Right now I have 3 anubias, some dwarf sag, ludwiga & rotala varieties.

Fauna is 9 Neon Tetras and 3 Rummy Nose

Since week 2, Ive had this long stringy brown algae that I assumed was just diatoms from an immature tank. I just blow it off of plants and my wood with a turkey baster and then suck it out during water changes. It's kept it at bay for the most part.

A few weeks ago, my Anubia leaves started looking crummy. They had this coating of dark matter on them that I was able to rub off with my fingers. Then I started seeing little hairs coming off the leaves. Immediately I thougt it was BBA and my tank was doomed. But as the algae got larger, i could see it branching off. It is on all 3 of my anubias and on some stalks of the dwarf sag.

Can I get a confirmation of what this is? I could post more and better pics if requested.

The only thing ive done so far is bump my co2 up a bit and killed 2 of the lights, so now Im at 2x39W

Any help would be appreciated.
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