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Originally Posted by AdamF View Post
I'm extremely happy with them. As you can see I've got good growth rates. - however you will need to ramp down the blue spectrums, as they are essentially designed for marine, and much too blue for a planted tank aesthetically.

I do like the varied colour spectrums and adjustments you can make. Tis is one of the main reasons i went for these lights. it was the cheapest light available that had this capability. Storm mode is a great novelty, and cloud mode gives a great ambiance to the tank that's real enjoyable. Changes the whole mood of the tank. - virtually limitless colour and light intensity variations.

God luck if you get one, and be sure to tag me for the journal.

- if you're planning on buying one, what size tank are you planning to use it for?
I'm planning on using one over a 60x45x45cm and that's what I like to hear that they grow plants well

And compared to the aquaray panels the radios are actually cheaper haha well they are once you factor in mounting hardware and a controller for panels

Plus I like the fact you can program these from the computer and all that

I might go with a 60x60 x 55cm tank tho and I sure will link you when I start the tank up its a little way down the track ATM as I'm gunna be moving shortly

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