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Started my first tank - Fluval edge, need some help

I'm 3 days into my first fish tank. It's a fluval edge (with stock LED) and I put in some driftwood, rocks and 5 plants (annubias and java ferns).

The substrate is some gravel from Petco. I've read a ton about these but I'm a bit lost on the cycling. Since I got plants and wood from a live tank I'm hoping the cycling is starting - plus I'm using the nutrafin cycle as directed. Should I now be changing the water regularly? My testing kit is on the way.

I also have some stocking suggestions. How would 5 Endlers Livebearers, 1 Dwarf Gourami, 2 small shrimp and 1 snail work out? I gather the only real question is the Dwarf Gourami and I've read mixed opinions on them in a tank like this.

Also, what kind of snail would I look for?

Lastly, when I start putting in fish what order do I add them? I know the shrimp/snail would probably be a month+ from now but would adding 5 Endlers at once be a problem?

One more thing! The plants are barely attached and I'm wondering how long it would take for them to root in the gravel, rock and wood I attached them to. They aren't actually attached, more like slightly burried.
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