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Thanks! Here are some new pics since you asked

elatine hydropiper is growing in nicely, should have a dense carpet in about 2-3 more weeks.

def. my favorite plant of all time now, ludwigia tornado

fissidens wasn't doing too well at first but has really bounced back

top view of a few of the stems I have here, that's ludwigia sp. red, ludwigia brevipe, and ludwigia atlantis (I have a sorta ludwigia obsession!) Unfortunately, I'll be removing the atlantis because it's just too big for this tank and scape.

And some FTS. My plan is to swap the positions of the ludwigia tornado and the rotala h'rai. I'll be adding some l. arcuata and replacing the atlantis with some l. senegalensis (similar leaf shape but smaller leaves)

To answer your question scbrooks87, I really don't know how much rock I have in here, I'm thinking maybe... 15-20lbs? Hard to say, ohko stone is a lot lighter than other stones, and it's a lot of smaller pieces fitted together. I bought them over like, 2 years time, a little here, a little there so I can't say for sure.
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