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Originally Posted by shinycard255 View Post
I've heard that the drop checker really isn't that accurate, it just gives you a rough idea.

Now, lets say I do have low CO2 in the tank, how would I be able to tell from my plants that I have low CO2? That's the part that I'm stumped on. Watch the plants, I understand, but what am I looking for exactly? I'm assuming better and more luscious growth, right?

I've already pushed my CO2 to where my fish were gasping for air, so I turned it down a little bit and have left it there since.
I've been down the same road as most everyone that's complained about BBA.
Amano has also, he said he suffered for 10 years with BBA. I suffered for about 3 years.

The crux is the plant growth. But if you are new, you lack the experience to know what to look for. So you sort of are screwed either way. got to start somewhere.

So the pH meter and KH method is a decent place to start I think.
pH meters are not cheap, decent liquid test kits are though.
Good KH test kits might run 7-20$.

Test often when dialing things in. Then slowly and progressively adjust more and more CO2. This must be done slowly.

Pay careful note to the plants, ignore the algae EXCEPT for NEW algae growth.

Tom Barr
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