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Originally Posted by Axelrodi202 View Post
I'm still too young to join NJAGC.
Even though we have not changed the wording restricting members to those 16 or over, we will allow you to join the club. We were discussing this at a board meeting and none of us want to discourage young hobbyists. Just make sure you let it be known you are under the age limit. If there is still a problem, let me know via PM here, or fill out the contact us form on NJAGC web site-it goes to me.

The restriction in age had to do with a hesitancy to allow young members to go to the meetings in the homes of the members. This still is a concern. Some members would not feel comfortable with a 10-14 year old being dropped off at his/her home and then have the parent leave to return in a few hours to pick up their child. This actually did happen once. We need to get to know you via the NJAGC forum. And we would need to have your parent stay at the meeting with you during the meeting.

I do remember getting a request from a parent in the last few months asking about the age restriction because their child was so interested in aquatic plants. I did respond to it via the email given. I wonder if that was your parent.

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